In 2018 travelers continued to experience destinations differently. Bucket lists and box checking, like visiting the Vatican and Eiffel Tower, still remain wildly popular. But more and more travelers are seeking to actively experience destinations on a local, cultural scale, while simultaneously bringing something home that’s lasting and sharable, like being able to cook Tuscan poached eggs or teaching your friends to dance the samba that you learned in Little Havana. The other big news from TripAdvisor’s data is more confirmation that the inevitable has arrived. Experience travel, along with every other aspect of the industry, is moving increasingly to digital and mobile platforms. In 2017, it was estimated that only about 20% of experience bookings were made online. In 2018, TripAdvisor saw that number double, and they anticipate that number doubling again in 2019. More importantly, the trend towards online travel points to a number of major industry shifts that are going to drive adaptation for a while to come. Get the full story at Forbes