With the number of mobile payment apps growing for consumers, Bluetooth Low Energy and a back-end CRM system are two of the ways that the app is aiming to distinguish itself from competitors. “I’m leveraging it because I do believe that this is going to be something that continues to grow, and I think that for the restaurant and bar business, this type of payment is going to be really relevant in the next few years,” said Daniel Rieger, partner at The Royal, New York. Consumers can download Dash for free from Apple’s App Store to see where they can use their mobile device to pay. Once a consumer is at a participating bar or restaurant, they check-in and link a bank account to the app. They can then see their tab in real-time, add tips and checkout by themselves when they leave the restaurant. The bill is then applied to a consumer’s bank statement. Get the full story at Mobile Commerce Daily Read also "Apple may enter the mobile payments business, challenging PayPal & Square" at VentureBeat, and "How Apple plans to dominate mcommerce".