By using forward-looking shopping data to make smarter revenue strategy and targeting decisions, NYC hotels apply dynamic pricing to grow direct bookings and RevPAR. Since early 2015, New York City hotels have posted below average RevPAR growth. Implementation of predictive data from nSight reflects the industry’s move from traditional “inward looking” tools to a more outward-focused, integrated revenue and marketing strategy solutions. “nSight does more than tell us competitor room rates,” explained Grant Schilling, Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Business Development at the Distrik Hotel Group, featuring the garment district’s first boutique hotel. “nSight gives us the ability to see guest demand across the web and how our rate impacts consumer behavior. Now, we have real data that shows us when and what consumers we can target to boost direct bookings and optimize rate. This demand-driven dynamic pricing helps us increase ADR, grow margin, and shift share from OTAs.” Get the full story at nSight