The latest data from the Hotel Price Index (a regular report based on actual prices paid in 2015 compared with 2014) indicates that the majority of Brits still favour journeying to the Big Apple over other popular holiday destinations. While New York secured top spot, the Hotel Price Index data revealed that Las Vegas is no longer one of the top five most visited cities for UK travellers, having dropped to number nine. It was replaced by Rome. Barcelona, Dubai and Berlin all moved up one slot. Paris, Amsterdam and Dublin have all proven as popular as ever, by remaining in second, third and fourth place respectively. Lizann Peppard of said: “It has been a jet-setting year for British travellers in 2015, with destinations in Europe, the USA, Asia and the Middle East all in the Top 20. New York was favourite once again, but a number of European destinations proved popular with European capitals continuing to attract travellers. It’s going to be exciting to see what adventures 2016 brings for UK holidaymakers.” Get the full story at Travel Daily UK