This shift is not unique to hospitality. According to research by loyalty-focused agency MBLM (2015), travel brands have the least loyal relationships with consumers compared to other industries. In other words, consumers don’t feel as loyal to travel brands and hotels. This is also supported by research from Wyndham which shows that the structure of many hotel loyalty programs leaves travelers “confused and disappointed.” Historically, many hotel loyalty programs have been points-based. But, these types of systems often fail to drive guest engagement and are costly to administer. Points are the domain of the largest brands, and often don’t meet the needs of small-to-medium-sized brands looking to make a more personal connection with their guests. Recently, we’ve seen several small-to-medium brands moving away from points-based systems in favor of a more holistic approach. Some brands, such as Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, have gone further and avoided loyalty programs all together. Get the full story at Revinate