By Wendy Chamier

A study recently undertaken by Digital Media has focused on different types of companies that have a Social Media Strategy already in place in order to identify which social media strategies are most commonly being used, and which the companies consider the most important.

There are some interesting results with regards to the discrepancies between what companies consider SHOULD be in their strategy vs what are ACTUALLY included in their strategy. Ultimately, however, the research provides a useful summary of what the key areas should be for any corporate social media strategy.

What you DO decide to include will be dependent on the type and size of the hotel you run, and the objectives for your Social Media activity. However, regardless, the following summarises the elements that you should at least consider when putting your strategy together, based on the DM research:

1. Identification of the social media sites that are relevant and important to your business. Register branded user names on the important social media sites