What do business travelers say is the most annoying thing about flying? I realize there are hundreds of plausible answers. But the top peeve, according to a survey by Carlson Wagonlit Travel, is a passenger who lumbers on board with a bulky suitcase that you, of course, would have had the courtesy to check.

The annoyance is aggravated when that person decides to stow the bag in an overhead bin well forward of his or her seat to allow for a quick getaway, unmindful that overhead space is supposed to be used by the passengers sitting closest to it.

Now, as far as the loutish behavior goes, this is not up there with, say, blowing cigar smoke in a child's face. But the irritation quotient has been going up sharply over carry-on storage space, partly because, on domestic flights, airlines have increasingly been cramming customers into regional jets — those little planes with storage bins the size of a Volkswagen glove compartment.

Regional jets, which typically have 50 or fewer seats, now carry about 20 percent of all domestic passengers.

"I think the added frustration over baggage is often compounded by the smaller jets," said Jack O'Neill, the chief operating officer of Carlson Wagonlit Travel North America.

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