For positive mentions, “modern” is featured in the top five for all 20 cities, closely followed by “location” (17) and “speed of service” (13). Consumers praise hotel service three times as often as they praise hotel views, the analysis shows. The research also identified the cities with the best-rated hotels on average according to the company’s Global Review Index online reputation score, which calculates the average score received by a hotel or a chain in any given period of time. Taking into account reviews from the last year, Cape Town tops the rankings with a GRI average of 86%. Also featured at the top are Melbourne, St Petersburg and Sydney. London, Rome, New Delhi, Brussels and Paris are in the bottom of the classification. The city with the highest number of reviews per hotel among the 20 destinations analysed is Sydney, with 838 guest reviews by property, while New Delhi has the lowest ratio with only 125 reviews per hotel. Get the full story at Travolution Related Link: ReviewPro