Donald J. Trump, bargain hunter? That's the idea behind the latest venture from the real estate mogul, reality series star and failed airline executive, who recently re-entered the travel industry with, an agency that promises bargains on airfares and hotels, and includes vacation tips from (of course) the Donald himself.

Aside from providing a high-profile experiment on the possible limits of celebrities in e-commerce, the site points to the state of the online travel agency industry, which despite its best efforts remains the place where people click around endlessly to save $10 on a $300 ticket.

GoTrump offers, among other things, "affordable luxury" vacation deals, like a nine-day South African trip for $2,000 per person, that are listed as being exclusive to the site.

"Right now, it's a bunch of promises," said Henry H. Harteveldt, a travel industry analyst with Forrester Research and the former marketing director for the ill-fated Trump Shuttle, an airline Mr. Trump owned between 1989 and 1992. "There's a lot between the conception of an idea and the long-term execution of this," Mr. Harteveldt said. "But that said, I don't think he's expecting much. This won't generate more than a few million in revenue every year."

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