nSight, the leader in online consumer shopping intelligence for hotels and destinations, today announced its new Hotel Online Traffic Report. An industry first, the "HOT Report" benchmarks what consumers look like who are shopping a hotel website against consumers who are shopping that same hotel across thousands of third-party travel sites. This helps hotels identify consumers to target with marketing in order to drive more traffic and bookings to their own sites. The HOT Report is a revolutionary next step for hotel marketers who want to shift share to direct channels in a smart, targeted way. Today, too many intermediaries stand between the consumer and the hotel supplier. Independent hotels, and even brands, can't compete with the colossal advertising power of travel websites. The HOT Report is all about providing hotels with a way to leverage the visibility they get from OTAs, along with the consumer shopping intelligence they get from nSight, to grow market share. nSight is launching the HOT Report with a free 60-day trial. No credit card is needed for sign-up and no long-term obligation is required. The HOT Report is a no-risk way for hotels to re-engage with consumers by understanding how they shop on the web—and then use that insight to standout online and convert consumers directly. A two-step, simple integration with Google Analytics helps power this report. A short video explains the details. "For the first time, travel marketers can directly compare consumers who are searching and booking their hotel on third parties and consumers searching and booking their hotel website," explained Rich Maradik, Founder of nSight. "The concept is simple...hotels can shift share from intermediary to direct channels by identifying source markets doing more shopping for them on third parties versus their own site. Then, they can go after consumers in these markets with focused, aggressive digital strategies such as geo-targeting and content marketing that bring consumers directly to their website." The HOT Report compares online consumer shopping and booking behavior for a hotel on third-party sites with consumer behavior on that hotel's website. Users can watch performance change over time, see seasonal trends, and track results of strategies designed to shift share from OTAs. As hotels increase their direct share, they increase ownership of the customer and take back control of the guest relationship. Owning the relationship builds loyalty, positive reviews, referrals and a higher life-long guest value overall. Hotels get valuable information in the weekly HOT Report: - Top opportunity markets searching for a hotel on OTAs, but not searching on the hotel's Brand.com - Market where the Brand.com is over- and/or underperforming compared to the OTAs - Changes in consumer search and booking for the Brand.com versus the OTAs, by city and by country - Markets in transition, alerting the hotel whether its Brand.com position is improving or declining "Applications of travel intent data in the HOT Report go beyond shifting share," explained President and Chief Product Officer Jami Timmons. "When marketers and revenue managers are fine-tuning media campaigns or rate strategies, they can use the predictive data insights of the complete nSight suite to identify the top geographic markets to target, along with the consumer profiles most likely to book." The HOT Report is part of the nSight for Hotels Solution, bringing search, booking and rate dynamics into one future view so marketing and revenue management can act together to improve performance. The full solution includes the SaaS interactive application, actionable reporting suite and robust Marketing Services. nSight combines the world's largest view of consumer shopping data with predictive marketing and revenue management solutions to deliver more guests to your hotel and visitors to your destination. Only nSight aggregates more than 85 million travel consumer shops and bookings daily across over 5,000 third-party travel websites. Understanding consumer shopping behavior, rate impact and future market demand enables better marketing and revenue management decisions. Get a free trial of the report at nSight