nSight’s comprehensive view of consumers across thousands of OTA and travel websites enables Heritage Hotels and Resorts to measure the impact of rate changes on search and booking volume and use that price intelligence to respond to competitive conditions, proactively adjusting rates to increase online guest conversion. “Online reservations represent a large percentage of our portfolio bookings. To manage our growth in an increasingly competitive market, we needed visibility and insight into our third-party website performance,” explained Caryl Helsel, Vice President of Revenue & IT Strategies for Heritage Hotels and Resorts. “nSight will allow us to identify rate trends and elasticity across the OTA channel, specifically enabling us to see at what rate competitors are attracting shoppers from our properties and at what rate are shoppers convert to a booking. By comparing competitive rate data from active search and booking transactions, we can make better, more informed decisions that help us attract, convert and maintain more online shoppers.” A customized web-based application, nSight allows hotels to easily benchmark performance against their competitive set across more than 5,000 websites in the OTA channel. Hotels can see OTA current search and conversion performance as well as forecast consumer demand with travel date filters up to 90 days into the future. Get the full story at nSight