The industry's most robust target market segmentation for consumer travel intent, this new filtering provides a higher level of sophistication for hotel ecommerce teams and their agencies that redefines digital campaign strategy, increasing marketing ROI and shifting bookings from OTAs to the hotel website. "In order to capture a higher share of transient business, hotels must quit relying on reports that show how they did last month based only on booked business," explained nSight Founder Rich Maradik. "We've gotten comfortable with doing things the same way - even though every revenue management and marketing professional will tell you that they need to change in order to capture more leisure travelers. nSight gives hotels that change -- a totally new perspective on how consumers shop hotels and their competitors online for the future travel. It's reshaping how the industry can market and price, and the latest feature enhancements will make it even easier to apply these insights in BAR rate decisions and digital target marketing." Get the full story at nSight