Transient consumer demand for hotel stays in San Francisco over the next 30 days is up 133.9% compared to last year. Growth is certainly due to the upcoming Super Bowl on February 7, which puts demand for that weekend up over 170% compared to last year, with 36% of travelers making plans 30-60 days in advance. While San Francisco hotels use nSight’s predictive data to optimize rate and get the most from marketing budgets during this peak season, they look to nSight to guide direct booking strategy by shifting share from the OTAs. The move to implement nSight has been part of a new integrated revenue and marketing strategy by innovative hotels such as Hotel Zephyr, led by Director of Sales and Marketing Jill Plemons. “We wanted to use big data to do more – to not only see what happened in the past, but also anticipate the future and, more importantly, influence it,” explained Plemons. “nSight’s intuitive user interface provides a simple common platform for our revenue and marketing teams that’s both easy to interpret and act on. Now, we have a better understanding of how to get the best future rate against our competition, without sacrificing occupancy. And by targeting consumers who are actively shopping our competitors, my marketing ROI gets a boost and so does our brand awareness online.” Get the full story at nSight