OctopusTravel.com has launched a new range of accommodation product to cater for growing demand for authentic and unusual overnight experiences.

Alongside its listing of more than 20,000 hotels and 3,000 apartments worldwide, the company now offers farm stays, cottages, villas and traditional Japanese ryokans.

OctopusTravel.com general manager Peter Smith says the new product is ideal for clients seeking traditional experiences, rather than the latest modern conveniences.

“We cater for everyone from corporate clients to family holidays and adventure travellers, and with the new properties we're able to offer an unrivalled range of accommodation to suit their various needs,” Mr Smith said.

All 45 ryokan properties listed on the site are located in Japan and offer a special, traditional atmosphere. A night at a ryokan is to relax, rest, enjoy the local cuisine and experience bathing in a natural setting, often in healing mineral waters. Many of the traditional ryokans have personalised staff to supply meals and refreshments, and guests follow traditional customs such as removing shoes and wearing Japanese style garments.

Prices for ryokan stays range from $188 per room per night to $1,542 per night.

The farm stay, cottage and villa properties are located in a range of countries from Brazil to China and Czech Republic , and provide another alternative to the traditional hotel room.

“Whilst hotels remain our mainstay, many clients are increasingly seeking new and unusual overnight experiences and we're pleased to be able to meet that demand,” Mr Smith added.

And whilst the stay may be new and unusual, it is booked in the same way as a regular hotel room, so clients can enjoy the authentic experience without the hassle.

Agents earn a 10 per cent commission on all bookings