The world of SEO is one of consistent upkeep, creative thinking, and adaptation. SEO has several dimensions that work together to create a website that operates well within the specifications of Google’s algorithms. When you think of SEO, you probably first think of the content on your hotel’s websites’ pages. Items like title tags and keyword phrases come to mind, but these elements are all on-page SEO elements and are found within the source code of your website. Today we are going to discuss another important dimension of SEO Google uses to evaluate the strength and validity of a website: off-page SEO. This dimension of SEO requires regular attention and can greatly increase the visibility of your site in search engines. Off-page SEO is the process in which digital marketers leverage the ranking signals sent from other websites to increase the number of impressions for and direct more traffic to your hotel’s website. As hoteliers, it is incredibly important to understand how to approach off-page SEO from a hotel perspective, and stay on top of the elements that allow Google to reward your site. Since off-page SEO is a constant effort, it is important to have a strategy to guide you when evaluating and updating your website. Below are four key practices that will help you benchmark your website’s off-page SEO strength, move forward in making significant improvements, and achieve the goal of boosting site traffic. Remember, off-page SEO is ongoing effort and each of these techniques should be performed periodically to ensure you are getting the most out of your off-page SEO work. The steps outlined below will provide a comprehensive understanding of your site’s current off-page SEO performance, help you to build high-quality links from other websites, and teach you how to leverage your social media channels to improve your visibility in search engine results pages. Get the full story at Blue Magnet Interactive