We all know businesses want to keep up with the times. And granted, many businesspeople have Facebook profiles to network--CEO-to-CEO stuff--but why are you adding me? Honestly, I get creeped out when I see that your grad year is '86, before I was born; that you live in another state; and that you would love to be friends with a high school senior. I know I'm fun, but my favorite show is Ugly Betty and I love the book Confessions of a Shopaholic. What, exactly, do we have in common?

t's unclear why you and your long-distance college buddy Mike couldn't just talk on the phone or e-mail, but Facebook is apparently considerably hipper. Upon registering, you discover some old friends, realizing that your stoner roommate is now CEO of a multibillion-dollar company. Good thing Facebook has enlightened you to your loserness. Who cares? You and Mike created an exclusive group: "Mike and Rick--BFFs."

Just because Hillary Clinton's Web manager has let America know Hillary's favorite TV show is American Idol doesn't mean she's going to get teen votes. Politicians, if you really want to target young voters, propose laws that actually affect us instead of invading our personal cyberspace with annoying friend requests. The same goes for you, Ron Paul. That overwhelmingly large MySpace picture of yourself is enough to scare anyone away.

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