Some hospitality brands have launched online from the get-go with little or none of what would be considered traditional media: take Priceline’s for example, when was the last time you heard them on radio or saw their ads in the newspapers? And yet represents 453,000 hotels world-wide, handling 625,000 room nights … daily. Certainly, based on the performance of traditional media in terms of return on investment (RoI), advertising on radio, press and TV for independent hotels – even groups of independent hotels – is increasingly untenable. The economies simply are not there particularly when compared to on-line paid search such as pay per click (PPC) where the return is typically £10 or higher for every £1 spent. Plus PPC is easily monitored with 100% transparency in terms of cost and return. Compare this to placing a personal display in a national newspaper and hoping that a) your reservations team remember to ask where the customer saw the ad and/or b) the customer actually remembers where they saw your ad. In fact the latter is a real challenge given the number of ads the average consumer is exposed to is estimated at 4,000 daily which is double the amount compared to 10 years ago. So more and more hotel brands are spending their available marketing budget online. The danger here of course is that without proper guidance, this can be just as wasteful as spending valuable reserves off-line and living in hope rather than expectation. Get the full story at Hotel Industry Magazine