Direct traffic share, on the other hand, has been shrinking, albeit at a snail’s pace, and will amount to 29.2% this year. Most other referral shares have remained largely the same. And looking across the pond to North America, the story is familiar: Once again, search has grown a small amount, up to 44.5% of total referral traffic in 2015. Direct has seen a very minor uptick as well. Massive increases in search referral share for mobile site visits also correspond for both North America and Europe. From 2013 to 2015 search ad share has grown in North America from 24.4% to 42.9%, an increase of almost 20 percentage points. That growth comes almost entirely at the expense of direct traffic, which decreased from 51.2% in 2013 to 30.9% in 2015. Meanwhile, search referrals have climbed to 47.2% in Europe, up from 27.4% in 2013. And, again, direct traffic has suffered almost all of the losses, plummeting from 52.5% in 2013 to 33.1% in 2015. Get the full story at eMarketer Read also "Moz releases 2015 search engine ranking factors"