The Google plan for world domination get clearer every day, and those that are still in doubt should probably reflect on a few recent search engine news events.

Last week Google launched Google Docs. There is not much new about this service, it is essentially a combination of the online word processor Writely and the Google online spreadsheet. Google Docs has its bugs and it does not have the features necessary to make us abandon Microsoft’s office - yet. This why so many bloggers and online experts find it hard to believe that this constitutes a threat to Microsoft. But believe us, it does!

Do not look at what Google Docs is today. Think about what Google Docs will be, a year or two into the future. We are talking about a world where high speed reliable broadband is the norm, and where people are used to saving their photos, videos and emails online. So why not your word processor files and spreadsheets?

Google Docs lets you access your texts and numbers from anywhere in the world. The service takes back ups of your files all the time, which means that they are safe. And yes, you can upload and edit your old Office files and save the final product in Office formats, making cooperation with old fashioned software users possible.

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