In an age of instantaneous communication, it’s an aging practice to simply tell your online visitors to “call us with any questions” or “have a question? Email us.” Modern consumers are multitaskers and don’t have the time or patience to call and talk with your reservation agent. Nor do they want a response to their email a day later. The best solution is to offer online chat on your website and in your booking engine for any questions they have in real-time. And, trust us, they DO have questions and probably plenty of them. Don’t make them search for answers on your website or inconvenience them by asking them to stop what they’re doing to call you. Most likely, guests will make their own assumptions, create their own reasons not to stay with you, and just move on to your compset. Online chat allows you to address their needs right away, clearing away any uncertainty they may have about booking. Plus, it establishes a trusting relationship, which allows them to feel more comfortable about any purchase decisions with your hotel. Source: Tambourine