OneTravel Holdings, Inc., an online and offline provider of travel and leisure services, announced that it received a notice dated February 17, 2006 from the American Stock Exchange indicating that the company no longer complies with the continued listing standards, and the company's securities are therefore subject to delisting from the Stock Exchange.

Specifically, the notice cites the lack of compliance as the company's failure to file its quarterly report for the three month period ending December 31, 2005 on or before February 15, 2006.

This deficiency is in addition to the deficiencies of failure to file the company's annual report for the period ending September 30, 2005.

As previously announced, the company has appealed this determination and requested a hearing before the appropriate committee of the Stock Exchange. The hearing date for the appeal has been set for March 9, 2006, at which time all matters of non-compliance with listing standards will be addressed.