Travel retail is expected to post a 1% CAGR in terms of value sales at constant 2013 prices to reach ¥8.1 trillion (£47 billion) in 2018. Travel retail online sales are expected to grow by an 18% CAGR to take share from travel retail offline sales. An 18% growth for online compared with 1% for the overall market over the next five years is impressive. In terms of share, however, it is lagging – online sales in Japan in 2013 were worth ¥1.5 trillion (£8.7 billion), equivalent to around 19% of the total market worth ¥7.7 trillion (£44.7 billion). By 2018, online travel sales will be ¥3.4 trillion (£19.7 billion), giving it a 42% share of the market. But this share still sees Japan’s online travel sector lagging behind other mature e-commerce markets, suggesting that the growth story still has more legs in what is the world’s third largest economy. Get the full story at Tnooz