By targeting this generation with offers that appeal to their lifestyle characteristics, marketers can tap into a new source of revenue. As boomers age, their health becomes the topic at the forefront of their minds. Let's face it: Planning for end-of-life issues is scary (no matter if you're 40 or 80), and many boomers may be prolonging the inevitability of getting older and all that comes with it. In order for marketers to successfully reach this demographic, they must try to turn the potentially negative aspect of aging into a positive one. For example, boomers are turned off by discussions of "old age" and illness, but may be open to hearing about the benefits of products and services that promote healthy living. With the first of this generation having turned 65 this year, advertising offers related to healthcare and Medicare are starting to see traction and more advertiser concentration. Marketers running campaigns for Medicare are likely to have experienced a significant spike on a year-to-year basis. Judging from the Pew Research Center's results (Generations Online 2010 survey), it's clear why: Roughly 80 to 89 percent of boomers use the internet to look up health information -- with this online activity ranking third, just behind search and email. As more members of this group approach retirement age and eligibility for Medicare, the health sector and other complementary categories' success rates can only increase. Get the full story at iMedia Connections