Travel Web sites aren't just for booking flights and rooms anymore. Airlines and hotels are teaming with retailers to give bonuses in mileage credits and loyalty points to travelers who buy merchandise while booking travel at their Web sites.

United, American, Delta and Aloha airlines say they each have 150 or more retailers offering goods at their Web sites and providing frequent-flier credits.

InterContinental Hotels, owner of the Holiday Inn and Crowne Plaza brands, has 200 such retailers, and Marriott has 170. The retailers include well-known names such as Old Navy, Barnes & Noble and Eddie Bauer.

The online shopping malls may be a new way for many frequent travelers to build their mileage or point totals for free travel, upgrades and merchandise awards.

Fliers traditionally have accumulated most of their miles or points by flying, staying at hotels or using a credit card linked to an airline or hotel. Most airlines give one mile or point for every mile flown, while many hotels and credit cards give one mile or point for every dollar spent.

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