The prepaid cash card concept seems to have caught the fancy of online travel customers.

Going by the Internet and Mobile Association of India, the 38.5 million Indians online today are expected to grow to 100 million by 2007-08 and the online travel market is expected to exceed $2 billion. And with only an estimated 20 per cent having credit cards and not all of them comfortable using them online, a new option might be just what you need.

The alternate: cash cards in denominations up to Rs 10,000 that can be bought from the market and used for transactions on select websites to book your rail, air tickets, hotel rooms as well as travel packages.

“It’s doing good business,” says Naveen Surya, director, ITZ Cash Cards. “There are 50 million users using various denominations of the card,” he says. ITZ Cash is the largest cash card player in the market today. Done Cash Cards has sold just 2.5-3 million cash cards.

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