By 2019, worldwide digital travel sales will top $762 billion. Digital travel sales in Asia-Pacific will total $139.12 billion in 2015, up 19.8% from 2014, as explored in a new eMarketer report, “Worldwide Digital Travel Sales: eMarketer's Updated Estimates and Forecast Through 2019.” eMarketer expects sales will climb by more than $75 billion over the next three years and by 2018, Asia-Pacific will surpass North America as the largest digital travel market in the world. Rapid economic development in China has created a large population of middle-class consumers with more disposable income to spend on leisure travel, which will be the main driver of the region’s growth. Additionally, gains in India and Indonesia will be contributing factors, but to a much smaller degree. Latin America’s digital travel sales will post the fastest growth of any region worldwide in 2015, rising 20.3% to $29.97 billion. Its tally, however, will represent only 5.6% of total digital travel sales globally, better than only the Middle East and Africa (4.5%) and Central and Eastern Europe (1.8%). Get the full story at eMarketer