Many travel searchers on the internet have to employ longer and more detailed searches in order to find exactly what they want via search engines, according to research.

The findings show that the number of travel searchers having to type-in four or more keywords has more than doubled between July, 2005 and earlier this year.

Significantly, almost three quarters of searchers claimed that they could easily spot paid-for links and most said that they would not click on them. The increasing number of these paid-for links in the search results therefore makes it even more difficult to find particular sites listed on merit alone, according to internet technology company Geo-net Solutions which carried out the research.

The rapid growth in the number of travel-related websites combined with poorly designed travel sites and a massive increase in paid-for listings in search engines, has made it more difficult for consumers to find what they are looking for quickly and easily, the Darlington-based company says.

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