...but keep one foot on the ground.

If you have any lingering doubt that online advertising in the form of video is seeing explosive growth, consider this: Spending on online video advertising will reach $410 million this year, 82% more than was spent in 2005. By 2010, Internet video advertising will be a $3 billion business, according to eMarketer's latest projections.

Google, arguably the dominant force in online advertising, recently cast a vote of confidence in Internet video with its purchase of YouTube. But what factors will drive average annual growth of 64% in spending on Internet video advertising for the rest of the decade? Two are clear:

- The great desire among companies and their agencies for targeted ad messages in a familiar creative format

- The obvious parallels with television, the long-favored mass medium, and the need to replicate that medium's advantages on the Internet

Another factor delivering high-percentage growth numbers is obviously the small base from which online video advertising has started.

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