India’s online travel services company, Yatra, is now enabling millions of travellers to search, compare and reserve the best flight and hotel deals using a fully integrated travel technology solution supplied by Dublin-based OpenJaw Technologies.

In order to provide a comprehensive flight and hotel searching capability for the Indian market, Yatra needed to source inventory from multiple suppliers including GDS’s, supplier direct connects, low-cost carriers and hotel switches, and also locally manage hotel content and room allocations.

OpenJaw’s XML based online distribution platform, xDistributor provides Yatra complete flexibility and full control over the business management of its supplier connections. xDistributor’s integrated business rules engine allows Yatra to quickly and easily update their business rules to react to changing market conditions and to enhance their customer’s travel buying experience.

OpenJaw’s new hotel content and inventory management system, xHotel, enables Yatra to centrally manage hotel descriptive content, negotiated rates and inventory allocations for all their hotel suppliers. xHotel’s extranet capability allows individual hotels or chains to maintain their content, rates and inventory via a web interface.

Yatra is the first centralised travel services company in India offering a comprehensive selection of Indian air, car and hotel suppliers through both its web site, and call centre. Yatra is meeting the rapidly growing needs of the current boom in Indian business and leisure travel which is estimated to reach approximately $40 billion in 2006.

“The Indian travel market is enormous and extremely fragmented making it difficult for Indian travellers to find and compare the best flight and hotel deals and book them online,” said Manish Amin, Yatra CTO and co-founder. “Yatra now satisfies this need by bringing together all the major Indian travel suppliers under the umbrella of a single website. We won’t stop here; we will continually be enhancing our services and also offering international reservations as part of our online service.”

“The complexity in procuring travel products from a myriad of diverse suppliers and distributing them either individually or packaged, to a multi-cultural, multi-lingual marketplace is a huge challenge for today’s online travel businesses such as Yatra,” said John McQuillan, CEO of OpenJaw Technologies. “Basing our systems on XML technology enables us to reduce this complexity and provide an easier, more open connectivity between these businesses and their suppliers and business partners.”

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