Fortune sat down with Quarles to hear more about her plans. Fortune: Can you share more about what you are working on at OpenTable right now? Christa Quarles: We want to empower great dining experiences, meaning before, during and after their experience at a restaurant. Before is about reshaping how diners discover restaurants. During the dining experience, we will continue to innovate on our how we allow diners to use OpenTable to pay for their bills. We continue to believe that mobile payments is somewhat early, but we want to be there. We all have the uberization of the restaurant experience in our head and what it should feel like. After the dining experience, it’s about changing what our review structure looks like. We currently have 35 million dining reviews; there’s a lot that we can do that we hadn’t necessarily been doing. We are also focused on helping restaurants drive and grow their businesses. And lastly, one of the biggest things we’ve discovered being a part of Priceline is taking the global traveler and converting them into becoming the global diner. So you’re in any city or market around the world, and we want you to be able to pull out your phone, and say, “Hey, I’m in Tokyo.” “Hey, I’m in Berlin,” and “I need to go up to dine tonight and how can OpenTable help me?” Get the full story at Fortune