The OpenTravel Alliance, the not-for profit responsible for developing and maintaining interoperability for disparate systems in all verticals of the travel industry, had a successful annual Advisory Forum at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort in Orlando, FL, May 16 – 19. Highlights included the 2.0 object model solution reveal, education from well known technology leaders, member awards, and the organization’s first hackathon lite. OpenTravel’s 2.0 object model solution, the next generation of open source messaging for consumer direct bookings released in March 2016, was further revealed at this year’s forum through keynotes and OpenTravel’s first hackathon lite, providing participants with the opportunity to experience the technology first hand. The winners of the event were Dianne Griffin, Marriott International, Inc., and a team including Paul Byrne, OpenJaw Technologies, a Travelsky Company, and Jim Jandrew, Walt Disney World. The winners used the OpenTravel 2.0 modeling tools to define new RESTful APIs, publish them to the Hackathon API catalog, and call those APIs using standard Internet protocols and security. “The object-oriented model answers the demands of the travel industry by providing developers with a better experience, yielding a faster time to market,” said Lisa Fues, OpenTravel Board Chair. “Our hackathon lite participants saw the speed at which they were able to develop APIs, reducing the time needed to bring ideas to reality. OpenTravel’s desire is to enable the future of travel innovation with the 2.0 object model solution.” Get the full story at OpenTravel