Ignacio Martos, Chief Executive of Opodo, comments:

"We are particularly satisfied with figures as they are the result of a consistent performance and the ability of Opodo?s teams across 13 European markets to drive the Company through current times. Their commitment and expertise has been fundamental to this success. Last year we finalised our restructuring plan strengthening our efficiency, improving our cost line and reducing the prices of our services to clients while improving user experience .?

During 2008 Opodo focused on increasing sales through improving loyalty ratios and attracting new clients with the best prices and great service. Opodo brings to market neutral, comprehensive and real time access for Air, Train, Hotels, Cars and Package Holidays through a powerful booking engine showing the best available prices. Travellers appreciate, now more than ever, the freedom and price advantage of booking online with the security and ?best-in-class? service Opodo offers.

Opodo plans to continue double digit growth in 2009. ?In uncertain economic times consumers are ever more careful with their money and this is where Opodo can make a real difference, providing a full travel service with the advantage of competitive pricing,? Martos said.

"We are proud to present a continued strong growth in the Nordic markets servicing more than 400.000 passengers during 2008 in Sweden Norway, Denmark and Finland. The strong growth driving the 2008 profit to a positive EBITDA figure in excess of 1 million Euros, gives us a solid position going into 2009? adds Nordic Director Peter Carlsson.