Opodo, the pan-European online travel company, continues its commitment of working together with its partners on a 'supplier friendly model' with the launch of two new initiatives designed to make it easier for hotels to distribute via Opodo.

The first of these initiatives is the extension of the ‘Opodo Rate Model Programme’. Opodo now offers hotels the choice of doing business across the spectrum of rate models – whether retail, enhanced retail, merchant or wholesale. Hoteliers can now pick and chose which rate they would like to use, the calendar year round, in order to maximise occupancy and yield.

John Ryan, Hotels Director for Opodo commented, “ The new enhancements to our Rates Programme enables our hotel partners to do business with Opodo across the spectrum of rates, is flexible to changing market conditions and allows hotels to better manage their pricing and control over their room inventory. Rates, availability and hotel content descriptions are updated quickly and easily via single inventory, load allowing hotels to better manage their pricing and room stock.”

The second initiative is the launch of Opodo’s automated online contracting system (OACS) which allows Opodo to collect contracted rates without the use of paper based contracts.

Ryan continued, “Hotels are looking at ways of cutting distribution costs and minimising errors, our new automated contracting tools ensures they can simply and seamlessly update their contract information onto the Opodo system – saving time, money and effort.”

In addition to these two new initiatives, Opodo will be launching a new ‘recommendation’ programme to incorporate customer feedback about hotels on their service and product offering, across all sites, thereby promoting ‘best in class’ and added value.