Here are five ideas for how to optimize a travel website to bring these last-minute travelers to convert. 1. Display “Lowest Price Guarantee” badge: When would-be travelers abandon their online travel purchases, 37% do so because they thought the price was high and they wanted to compare prices elsewhere. Whenever a travel company can guarantee the lowest price, its website should display a badge or icon highlighting this. A low-price guarantee can increase a consumer’s confidence and keep them on the company’s page, rather than navigating off to double-check competitors’ prices. 2. Offer a price comparison tool: Displaying competitors’ prices alongside those of the company making the offer also increases the consumer’s confidence in making a decision. Online price comparisons work for a variety of ecommerce companies, and not just the travel industry. Not only do they reduce the consumer’s impulse to navigate away from the purchase page and check competitors’ prices, they can correct the consumer’s assumptions about which companies are in a position to undercut the competitors. In the case of the ecommerce office supply company Paperstone, after highlighting the price comparison tool, along with competitors’ prices, in a prominent place on the page, the company saw a 10.67% increase in online conversions. Get the full story at Media Post