ptimizing for video search is much like optimizing for image search. The video search engines can't easily see the video content (note the exceptions covered below), so you need to use manual tagging in the video file metadata itself. Use a good title, a good description, and a solid list of keywords.

Using keywords in the file name of the video is also useful. Note that file format you use for your video does not matter, as long as you use one of the standards (e.g. MOV, AVI, WMF). Do be careful to not use Flash only, or use entirely dynamic players. You can run into duplicate content issues if you offer your video in multiple file formats, so make sure to steer away from that by using robots.txt to pick one version as the focal point for the search engines.

Promotion starts with submitting your videos to video search engines, placing the videos on readily accessible web pages, and getting links to those web pages. That's the easy part. You should also create a video site map, and use an H1 tag of "video site map" in that file.

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