In its 2017 Travel Website Behavior Study, hotel marketing firm Fuel concluded that travelers visit an average of 4.4 unique sites prior to booking. That number continues to decrease, as only one year ago the average was 4.6. As consumers show less interest use multiple sites to research travel, it’s vital to stand out and be visible during the search phase to retain a potential booking and not get overlooked in the consideration phase. Each time potential guests revisits your site, they are likely at a different stage of the booking phase. Unsurprisingly, 95% of visitors read property and room data and 70% read area information. If we consider that customers are willing to do their homework and 26 is the average days of the research time from first search to booking, revenue managers and marketing directors must communicate constantly to retain the customer via a relevant website experience that provides user-friendly content. Get the full story at Duetto