If visitors don't see they can e-mail your content, they won't. The best place to put the call to action is near the top of the page, by the title or headline (on this page, it's just above my picture). Sometimes it's placed with "print" and other utilities, which is fine. You might also consider a second call to action at the end of the article or bottom of the page.

_etting people know how you will and won't use their e-mail addresses and the addresses they provide will increase their comfort level. A simple privacy statement like, "We will not share the information you provide on this page with third parties" and a link to your privacy policy accomplish this.

If the content being shared is copyrighted, also include language to support this legal protection. Briefly define "fair use" guidelines, and include a link to your permissions policy. Be sure it's concise and not written in legalese, something like "Feel free to e-mail articles to friends and colleagues for their personal, non-commercial use. For article reprints and other commercial use please consult our permissions policy for guidance."

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