Orbitz puts its customer service technology on a pedestal this month with new creative flagging Orbitz TLC alerts.

A TV spot, via Young & Rubicam, Chicago, features game show personality and company spokesman Wink Martindale, who appears on a plane after the pilot announces the flight will be in a holding pattern. Martindale launches "Take on Orbitz," pitting two passengers in a contest to see who can alert clients from midair that they'll be late for a meeting. One passenger frantically slides his credit card through a seat-back air phone; meanwhile, the Orbitz customer simply says, "Done."

"Orbitz notifies anybody that you're running late, automatically," says Martindale. The "Orbitz and Go" tagline is augmented with the Orbitz TLC mantra, "Get treated like a VIP."

The alerts could make the Orbitz service fee--which ranges from $4.99 to $17.95 depending on carrier, destination and other factors--look like a value add compared with booking direct from travel providers.

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