Orbitz Worldwide's Corporate Travel Solutions, whose managed travel products serve more than one million business travelers, today announced it is further extending the familiar Orbitz for Business managed booking tool to small businesses everywhere, through the launch of a new self-managed travel site.

The site allows small businesses and their travelers to access and book through Orbitz for Business with a simple self-registration process. The new offering includes many of the same features and benefits of Orbitz's larger managed programs, including access to corporate travel rates, at no cost beyond the transaction fees.

"This gives small businesses a sense of having their own managed program on Orbitz for Business and furthers our commitment to having an array of travel products that are a great fit for any size business," said Dean Sivley, COO and general manager, Orbitz Worldwide's Corporate Travel Solutions. "We're now catering not just to small businesses, but to any and every small business that has travel requirements and wants greater control."

The Orbitz for Business self-managed site offers a number of business-specific resources including:

- Dedicated site reporting -- Including monthly executive travel summaries documenting all travel categories, allowing customers to manage travel expenditures more efficiently.

- A unique, dedicated Orbitz for Business site -- created specifically for small businesses and their travelers.

- Unused E-ticket Tracking -- Track value and expiration dates of unused tickets every time you log in. Unused e-ticket tracking is seamless, requiring no call to an agent nor transaction fees.

- Board Room Rates, Flexible Hotel Choices -- Identifies discounted hotels offering business-specific resources and amenities.

- Free Online Exchanges, Cancellations and Voids -- No charges or fees for trip bookings that can't be completed. Airline-imposed fees may still apply.

- Dedicated Customer Service Line -- Member number provides quick and easy access to a live agent, with customer support available 24/7.

Orbitz Worldwide's business travel portfolio now features four distinct travel products to serve everyone from the individual unmanaged traveler to the large, Fortune 500 corporation. These offerings include:

- Road Warrior (roadwarrior.orbitz.com/) -- An extension of Orbitz.com, the Road Warrior microsite offers business-specific tools like Wi-Fi finder, restaurant reservations, business hotel reviews and relevant inventory for independent and unmanaged business travelers.

- Orbitz for Business, Self-managed -- Ideal for small businesses whose travel spend is less than $250K per year, and who are seeking to optimize travel spend through lower transaction fees and negotiated business hotel rates. Gives small businesses a scaled managed program, including many features and benefits of the larger Orbitz for Business managed site.

- Orbitz for Business -- A full-service, online corporate travel agency for companies with many travelers, managed program needs and travel spend in excess of $250K per year. A business travel solution for companies seeking higher adoption rates, online tools customized for a business audience and reporting that delivers insights into travel usage and trends.

- Travelport for Business -- A flexible, full-service corporate travel agency ideal for companies with larger numbers of travelers and more comprehensive travel requirements, including executives requiring VIP care. Offers maximum control over travel spend, in-depth reporting, advanced policy tools and company-negotiated rates supported in the online booking tool.

All Orbitz Worldwide business and leisure customers also enjoy the benefits of OrbitzTLC (http://www.destinationorbitz.com/tlc). OrbitzTLC is an umbrella of proactive customer care services and technology, including proactive alerts, which notify travelers and their designated contacts of flight status changes, cancellations and any event that might impact travel. In addition to alerts, podcasts, hotel reviews and mobile access (http://mobile.orbitz.com/) help the on-the-go business traveler make their trip more enjoyable and hassle free. Other benefits include a team or former air traffic controllers, travel agents and a full time journalist watching out for travel conditions that might impact customers, from bad weather to transit strikes. Orbitz.com has sent more than 80 million alerts to customers since 2003.

In addition to the Orbitz for Business self-managed site launch, Orbitz Worldwide's commitment to serving small businesses also included its recent sponsorship of the Small Business Administration's (sba.gov/) "Small Business Week" in April 2007.

"We recognize and appreciate the importance of small business to our industry and to our nation's economy as a whole," said Steve Barnhart, president and CEO, Orbitz Worldwide. "We believe we're better serving this segment of the market, keeping small business travelers a step ahead with offerings like Orbitz."

Launched in 2002, Orbitz for Business continues to boast among the highest corporate adoption rates in the industry at an average of 90 percent, as well as a near-perfect client retention rate of 99.4 percent. The brand's success, coupled with an investment to enable an automated self-registration process and automated reporting, led to the development of the self-managed product.