Orbitz's new corporate headquarters in downtown's Citigroup Center suggests, there are new ways of thinking about commercial interior architecture that don't rely on hierarchies, that express the more egalitarian ideals of younger generations of workers, and that dispense with restrictive notions of luxury in favor of a stylish but casual simplicity and modernity.

In short, the new home of the online travel agency at 500 W. Madison, smartly designed by Ken Locascio of Chicago's OWP/P Architects, is not your daddy's workplace. Alternately sleek and spare, refined and raw, it's a series of canny juxtapositions of design elements that convey the coolness and techno-savvy of its twenty- and thirtysomething workforce and, at the same time, the company's identity as a grown-up dot-com and travel industry leader.

Airport references abound, from the molded-panel observation ports with apertures like giant jet windows to the terminal-lobby benches on the main reception floor (which, by the way, has no reception desk; visitors contact their parties via an automated staff directory in the wall). The long halls on either side of the elevator banks are "runways," and the central command center, from which workers monitor travel conditions across the globe, appears to have been transported intact from NASA.

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