The travel booking service was quick to jump to the new app in an attempt to get a leg up on connecting with consumers in a fun and engaging manner. Through the app users win prizes and bragging rights by completing various challenges such as losing five pounds in a certain amount of time or walking the most number of miles prompted by marketers and peers. "The mibi app provides a new and unique way for Orbitz to engage travel enthusiasts through a fun and competitive challenge," said Andrew Fabian CEO of Mibi. "Challenges provide an organic way for Orbitz to engage with a key demographic of travelers who want to share their travel experiences in a social and dynamic manner. "Competitive challenges engage broad consumer audience and takes posting of content to a new level by adding a new purpose to the social sharing experience," he said. "The challenge forms a micro-community of travelers who are bonded around the Orbitz brand." Get the full story at the Mobile Markter