To play Orbitz 50 Faves, simply "Like" Orbitz on Facebook and begin bidding. To start, each new player will receive five bids. Every bid placed represents one entry to win. Players can check out the trips, look at what their friends have bid on, and then place bids on their favorite trips. Each day, players get an additional bid for every friend playing the game. The more friends the player has, the more bids they get and the greater their chances of winning. To further encourage players to invite more friends to play, six trips have been 'locked' and can only be 'unlocked' if at least 10 of a player's Facebook friends are playing the game. "Orbitz 50 Faves is a fun, free, social game that gives players the opportunity to win one of 50 dream vacations worth up to $15,000. Players can significantly increase their chances of winning by encouraging their friends to play the game," said Chris Orton, president of "Players who work their social networks the best can end up with enough bids to place on all 50 trips, or increase their odds of winning a particular trip by placing more and more bids on it. The Orbitz 50 Faves game keeps Orbitz fans engaged and having fun while they compete to win a once-in-a-lifetime vacation." To play Orbitz 50 Faves and for complete game rules, visit