Orbitz unveiled two new TV spots Wednesday that feature Orbitz Mobile Access - a new service that enables stranded travelers to book a hotel room in the event of weather-related flight cancellations.

A clap of thunder and the flash of lightning begin both executions set at an airport terminal and created by Young & Rubicam, Chicago. A gate attendant announces to a throng of passengers that their flight has been canceled. Game show personality Wink Martindale, who appeared in earlier Orbitz spots, then kicks off the Orbitz Challenge between two couples who try to book a place to stay before the other 200 people on their canceled flight gobble all the available rooms.

One couple fumbles through a phone book, but the Orbitz couple logs onto Orbitz.com and takes just seconds to book a room by clicking one of the hotel options displayed on their cell phone's Web function. A second spot uses the same scenario and targets gay travelers by pitting a lesbian couple against a heterosexual couple. The gay couple book their room in an instant and celebrate with an onscreen kiss. The ad concludes by showing the losing couple bunking on airport cots and flashes the tagline "Orbitz and go."

Orbitz also displays product placement acumen by having the winning couples use smart phones from marketing partners Palm and Treo to book their hotel. Placement for the gay traveler-targeted ad will be on selected programming and channels while the other spot will have broader distribution.

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