Most of the focus for Orbitz is on their mobile growth and attempt to brand themselves in foreign markets. The company, though, continues to struggle with growth, gaining market share, and profitability. While we see a lot of potential in mobile, it's a crowded space, and it is hard for the company to gain a ton of edge there even if they have the best mobile device. Internationally, the market is crowded as well. Domestic services are taking precedent in most markets, and the only way into them is through acquisitions. The company has not created positive EPS since 2006 (when it was first reported). They have had two years of positive operating margins (both under 5%) in the past ten years as well. The company continues to be plagued by very high SG&A costs, which are mostly marketing expenses. Moving forward, therefore, the company needs opportunities that create better earnings without high SG&A costs - mobile, online expansion, and current propositions have struggled to create consistent earnings. Therefore, we believe opportunities outside of this are the keys for Orbitz moving forward in cooperation with their other opportunities. That is why we want to focus on the JTG deal moving forward. The partnership with Jetset Travelworld Group (JTG) is intriguing to us as it allows Orbitz (OWW) to work with a company on their technology end, but it does not require a high amount of costs for the business. The agreement for Orbitz is to provide technology for JTG. Jetset Travel has been, for the most part, a bricks and mortar travel agency based in Australia. The company, though, is now moving their booking onto a new platform called "helloworld." The company will bring existing members in its network as well as franchises to create lower costs of overhead and more potential upside as the company moves onto the digital market. The key is to bring all their various agents under one platform to allow them to scale their business and bring down costs. Get the full story at Seeking Alpha