Technology has advanced much and we have come a long way using it. It is the age of the Internet, where we all in a way have become expert critics, thanks to the growing use of social media. An angry or a dissatisfied guest in today’s world would hardly keep quiet, especially when he is aware of the powers extended by social media, which allows a guest to openly show all the frustration or discontentment to everyone thrashing the hotel’s image to bits. The reputation of the hotel, therefore, lies in the hands of the tech-savvy traveler, who is glued to the internet round the clock and is happy scribbling a few lines to share his experience with the online community that could very well influence their perception and booking decisions. The job of hotels is getting tougher day-by-day in an attempt to maintain a superior ranking, and they strive hard to deliver better guest experiences, which would lead to better rating and reviews. Online Reputation Management tools are even more important for big chain hotels and enterprises, having many branches to monitor. Technology vendors are offering solutions with enterprise dashboards that makes comprehensive monitoring much easier, with one single screen. Get the full story at RateGain