The call flow process I experienced at Expedia was consistent without sounding too scripted. Agents were all professional yet also personal and authentic. All three agents started with a positive opening greeting and politely asked for (and later used) my name in a way that was conversational and not forced. I started by explaining that I had been online and needed help in selecting as I was overwhelmed by the number of choices. All three proceeded to fully “qualify” my call by asking for the dates, number in the party and bedding requests; two of the three continued on to ask what was bringing me to the city in question (I voluntarily mentioned my purpose to the third agent who did not ask). All three agents congratulated me on my upcoming wedding anniversary and all sounded like they truly meant it by making personal remarks such as, “Wow, 20 years, that is wonderful!” As a sales trainer, I was impressed that all three used what we call the “Just For You” sales approach, which is to use phrases such as “You will enjoy” instead of saying “The hotel offers” or “It offers .” Two of the three even offered recommendations and endorsements of the options they presented, which is so important to convince channel-surfing callers to commit. Get the full story at Hotel News Now