That said shopping habits are changing fuelled by social media sharing and the desire for easy real-time access to all relevant information in one place -- across products and different devices. They want to be sure they are getting the best deals and be able to trust the accuracy of the information and the authenticity of the reviews. Online travel shoppers are notorious for doing a lot of looking before booking and their loyalty can be described deal-driven rather than loyal. Being able make the right offers at the right moment to the shopper who is inspired and well-researched enough to hit the 'buy button' is getting harder. There are plenty of smaller unaffiliated travel sites competing for business. To be in with a chance they need to get found, be different and attract viral support. The future of travel will mean enabling the shopper to balance booking accommodation and flights with an array of personal choice ancillaries as well as transfers or local excursions, while getting all the dates to line up for the right price. The travel company that can join these dots will be the one best positioned to grab market share and grow their business. Will this be one of the giants, or a start-up yet to get off the ground? Buying into the metasearch model shows that Expedia and Priceline don't intend to become dinosaurs left behind as shopping buying behaviour changes. Recognising that innovation usually comes in small packages, Priceline and Expedia are active with investment strategies designed to fund and nurture start-up innovation in travel and marketing related areas that could be of future interest. As already noted Expedia is one of the stakeholders in Room 77 booking technology which Google has just licenced. Priceline has set up Priceline Ventures. Such investment strategies are not just about equity and market share but are primarily designed to tap into fresh innovative ideas that can help them redefine their service offer, but for a much cheaper price than buying an acquisition such as Kayak once it is already well established. Get the full story at Triometric