OTA Insights CCO Gino Engels spoke to tnooz managing editor Linda Fox for tnoozLIVE@TTE: Linda: So, for our final session of tnoozLIVE@ TTE today, I’m here with Gino Engels. He’s chief commercial officer for OTA Insight. Gino, if we could start with an overview of where the hotel distribution landscape is right now, I mean, you’re in a really good position to see what’s going on in, and the relationships, etc. Gino: Yes, definitely. It’s in a very interesting place. I think especially for all the players involved, the hotels, first of all and the online distribution channels and there’s kind of new channels coming up everyday. So, the alternative recommendation, peer-to-peer economies I think. We’re in a very fast-paced environment where basically complexity is increasing a lot. But at the same time, it’s a massive growth channel. So, there’s a lot of opportunity. So, I think we’re at the good spot for a technology provider like us because we are there to help unravel the complexities and help make the most of this opportunity. I think we’re definitely at a junction in terms of players that are going to take advantage of the complexity and other people that will be at risk of being left behind, unfortunately. Get the full story at Tnooz