A new television commercial from Expedia shows a slender gentleman, perhaps in his 70s or 80s, sweating profusely in the jungle heat as he ascends to the top of an Angkor Wat temple. As he nears the peak, the narrator voices over, “When you booked this trip, you didn’t know we had over 11,000 local activities listed right on our app, or you could book them right from your phone.” Expedia, the narrator concludes, is “technology that connects you to the people and places who matter." With mergers, acquisitions of companies that rent homes and apartments, a push to sell land excursions and packages, and even franchising brick-and-mortar travel agencies, powered by billions of dollars in annual advertising, online travel agencies (OTAs) clearly are trying to get beyond the perception that they only sell cheap air tickets and discounted hotels. But are OTAs even doing a good job with the basic deals and simple itineraries that are supposedly their forte? Get the full story at Travel Market Report