Web researchers Change Sciences Group released new research ranking 14 airline-booking travel web sites for usability, engagement and conversion. While 3 online travel agencies (or OTAs) provide the best experience overall, one airline site, Southwest, provides an experience that approaches OTAs. Not all airline sites fare as well however. The top performing airline web site is 25% more usable, 18% more engaging and 31% more likely to convert than the bottom performing airline web site.. Like the airline sites, OTA sites differ significantly. The top performing OTA is 28% more usable, 21% more engaging, and 34% more likely to convert than the bottom performing OTA. Companies typically known for their great offline experience are not always able to translate that experience to the web. For instance, jetBlue was the lowest-performing airline site and lowest ranked site overall. The Virgin America web site also performed in the bottom third for usability, engagement, and conversion. "That one airline site is catching up to OTAs is good news for airlines, and shows that there is now pressure on OTA's to come up with ways to take online customer experience to a new level," explains Steve Ellis, a Change Sciences founder. Get the full story at Change Sciences Group